7E Communications


VSAT networks - planning and integration

7E Communications is a specialist systems integrator in the sphere of satellite communications, providing VSAT networks, communications infrastructure, and satellite capacity around the globe.

We plan and implement complete VSAT networks and, if required, subsequently provide ongoing operations and maintenance contract support.

7E provides voice, fax, data, video, Internet, and valued added application services.

Inevitably the majority of 7E's larger projects are subject to non-disclosure agreements (NDA's) as security of VSAT networks is of paramount importance to 7E and its clients. However, we are able to describe an example of one of the larger projects we completed recently.

The initial project called for a regional satellite communication network for voice and videoconference communications across eight fixed nodes, four flyaway nodes and three vehicle based, mobile nodes.

Stage one

The voice communications infrastructure was built with three key objectives; high availability, first class reliability and communication security, both in terms of resilience and encrypted traffic. In addition, the network was designed to optimise the use of the valuable satellite bandwidth resource.

Stage two

Stage two required the addition of Internet access to all nodes. In addition, firewalls were added to ensure the integrity of the network.

Stage three

Stage three involved further development of the video capability to include MPEG4 AVC (advanced video coding) compression for full motion, near broadcast-quality video.

The future

All parts of this network are seamlessly integrated with each other and provide a flexible future proof network with planned upgrade paths. Discussions are already underway to add new nodes, expand the available satellite bandwidth and deploy new applications such as IP acceleration and a-bis remote GSM node deployment across the network.