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Special Events

A complete service for event communications

7E Communications has implemented innovative communications solutions for many challenging high profile special events.

Each of these events demands the provision of technical solutions to a unique set of unusual and complex set of communications problem within deadlines and more often than not extreme environmental conditions.

Balloon Altitude Record

On 26th November 2005, 67 year old Indian industrialist and aviator, Dr Vijaypat Singhania flew to 69,852 feet and set a new world Altitude record for a Hot Air Balloon. The balloon's capacity was 1.6 million cubic feet and was one of the largest ever built. The project was managed by Andy Elson of Flying Pictures Space Ltd. The capsule contained life-support systems, telemetry and communications systems. 7E provided much of the communications equipment used during the flight.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

In June 2005 Sir Ranulph Fiennes attempted to become the first Briton to reach both poles and the summit of Everest. Sir Ranulph led this expedition despite having a heart by-pass operation in 2003. The expedition was undertaken to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. Although the group were hit by appalling weather, many of the team made it to the summit. Communications during the ascent were made possible through the use of equipment supplied by 7E.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes ascending Everest with 7E Communications equipment

Sir Ranulph Fiennes ascending Everest with 7E Communications equipment

Dom Mee's Kite Quest

In 2005 Dom attempted a crossing of the North Atlantic in a small kite powered boat. This attempt was unsuccessful and Dom was rescued following the inversion of his boat in a violent storm. 7E satellite communications helped ensure that Dom was able to stay in contact with his shore-base team and 7E's 24/7 support desk was in contact with the Canadian Coast Guard during their rescue mission. View Dom Mee's website.

Dom Mee's Arctic Quests 1831 & 1832

In 2003 Dom Mee set off to follow the journey of Sir John Ross to the magnetic north pole. Dom was attempting this passage in a one-man folding Kayak. The expedition was eventually turned back by bad weather. Dom completed the attempt in 2004 as part of a seven man team picked from the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines. 7E supported these ventures through the provision of satellite communications equipment that enabled the expeditions to maintain contact with base. View Dom Mee's website.


North Pacific row - the Royal Marine Commandos Tim Welford & Dominic (Dom) Mee set out to become the first ever to row the North Pacific Ocean unsupported. 7E Communications provided the satellite communications by which the team kept in touch with base and updated their web-site.

Breitling Orbiter 1-3 around-the-world-balloons

7E with partners Schuemperlin Engineering provided satellite communications consultancy and systems for all three attempts in the UK and Switzerland and for the second attempt programmed onboard computer for amassing telemetry data and satellite feed to London command centre.

Microsoft - Redmond

7E provided shipboard and land communications, video and audio for Expedia/Mungo Park on-line expeditions including: "Coral Walls of Fiji" with Jean-Michel Cousteau. World first underwater chat aired on MSN from field base in Vanua Fiji. "First Run on the Tekeze", world first live Net expedition, and Turner Entertainment feature film, aired from the Great Rift Valley, Ethiopia.

Mountain Travel-Sobek/WorldTravel Partners

7E provided field communications for TerraQuest's ground breaking "Virtual Antarctica" & "Virtual Galapagos" online expeditions. Visit the Terraquest website.

United Nations - Vienna, Austria

7E designed & operated a network and transmission system for document exchange between Cairo and Vienna in lieu of on-site translation teams for a UN conference.

R J Reynolds - Camel Trophy

7E Communications provided on-event services and support including HF & VHF radio, satellite video transmission and distribution for the legendary four-wheel-drive challenge in Indonesia, Brazil, Siberia, Tanzania and Burundi. 7E's participation continued as a supplier of specialist communications services up to the final event in 2000, when 7E supplied a package of Inmarsat airtime and rental terminals comprising 6 GANs and over 60 mini-Ms.

Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic balloon crossing

7E installed and managed the London headquarters control centre at the BT Tower.

Richard Branson's Virgin "Atlantic Challenger" Blue Riband attempts (1985/6)

7E's Managing Director designed, installed and managed the London headquarters control centre, leading to his association with Camel Trophy and the formation of 7E Communications, the rest is history...

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