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Thuraya logoDual mode - GSM/satellite

Thuraya offers cost-effective satellite-based mobile telephone services to nearly one third of the globe from a single geostationary satellite. Through its dynamic dual mode handsets and satellite payphones, Thuraya enhances freedom of movement and connectivity.

Through partnership with leading national telecom and mobile communications companies, Thuraya provides blanket-to-blanket coverage to 99 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North and Central Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and Central Asia. While you are in the Thuraya coverage area, you can use the Thuraya phone to call anywhere in the world and receive a call from anywhere in the world. Once outside the Thuraya coverage area, you will be able to use the Thuraya phone on GSM mode in areas that are served by compatible GSM networks and with whom Thuraya has signed a roaming agreement.

Thuraya offers satellite, cellular (GSM) service and location determination system (GPS) in a single dual mode handset that is lightweight, elegant and easy to use. The dynamic handset offers voice, data, fax and short messaging services. With Thuraya's roaming capabilities, GSM subscribers will no longer suffer from "No Service" whenever their home GSM operator service fails because they will switch to Thuraya and be able to roam on Thuraya's network.

Global Positioning System can be used as a navigational tool, a compass, to help you venture in unmapped, or unchartered areas. With the help of GPS you will know exactly where you are at any point of the globe. In addition, Thuraya offers services like Caller Line Identity Presentation (CLIP), Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Barring, Call Transfer and Conference Calling.

Thuraya's service will be valuable to a wide variety of users: regional roamers to international travelers, international transportation fleets to national marine operators, relief and rescue crews to workers of remote industrial sites.

7E Communications is an authorised service provider of Thuraya, and distributor of the Hughes Thuraya handset as a stock item.