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Thrane & Thrane Fleet 55Marine satellite communications

Inmarsat Fleet systems are specially designed for the marine environment and have stabilised antenna platforms. The two principle manufacturers of Fleet systems are Nera and Thrane & Thrane. The system is available in three models, all of which can provide phone, fax, email and internet connectivity. All systems can also be rapidly configured via the handset or a PC:

Fleet 33

Basic system providing "always on" facilities including voice, data at 9.6 kbps (with V42 bis/V44 compression up to 40 kbps), fax (G3) and MPDS (64kbps forward, 28.8kbps return shared channel). 4.5-8kg antennas.

Fleet 55

As above with 64kbps ISDN, Fax Group 4, MPDS at 64 kbps and 3.1 kHz audio. 15-18kg antennas.

Fleet 77

As above with 128kbps ISDN spot beam service. 27-65kg antennas.

All the above units are available for sale with selected units also available on rental.

The following brochures are available for download: