7E Communications


7E satellite phone sales and hire

7E Communications has specialised in the sales of satellite phones and Inmarsat airtime provision since 1988.

TT-3060A Capsat® Mobile Telephone
A typical satellite phone - this one is a TT-3060A Capsat®

7E are experts in system integrated communication solutions and can provide a complete end-to-end working solution tailored to meet your exact needs.  This can range from a single satphone through to a multi-channel integrated voice, data or video conferencing application.

7E are also distributors for satellite phones that operate on the Iridium and Thuraya systems.

7E is an independent service provider and will advise on which products and airtime rates form an optimum solution for your needs.  7E is not tied to a single manufacturer or Land Earth Station Operator (LESO).

Satellite phone sales and hire - 7E can offer:

  • World-wide delivery
  • Training and support to equipment users
  • Help line
  • ISDN interfaces for GAN terminals
  • Broadcast quality voice solutions
  • Ancillary equipment eg solar power packages, generators, 128 kbps ISDN

Select from:

Inmarsat Iridium Thuraya
Inmarsat Iridium Thuraya
Mature range of modern communications services Truly global system with complete coverage of the Earth Dual mode handsets - GSM/satellite

You can view a comparison of networks in our FAQ area.