7E Communications

Professional audio rental

Hire codecs

7E stocks a wide range of broadcast audio equipment to complement our satcomms inventory. Most of our codecs have been adapted for multi-voltage operation, and supplied in either a soft-case or flight-case.

All units are supplied with a headphones (HD25) and microphone (MD22). A selection of alternate Sennheiser, AKG, Beyer or Coles lip microphones, and Sennheiser or Beyer headphones, are also available.

Codec Coding
Glensound GSGC5 with pre-fade   G.722/MPEG
Glensound GSGC5G  G.722/MPEG
Glensound GSGC5 with pre-fade G.722/apt-X™
Glensound GSGC8 with fader L/S mute G.722/MPEG 
Glensound GSGC24 (1 ch.) G.722
Glensound GSGC25 (2 ch. - not stereo) G.722
RE 660 & 661(stereo) G.722/Layer 2
Comrex DXp with or without TA G.722
Telos Zephyr (stereo) G.722, Layer 2/3
Telos Zephyr Xtreme (stereo) G.722, Layer 2/3, AAC
AEQ G.722
Other Equipment   
Audionics WM85 (with additional 5/6 buss o/p on front)
Comrex Codec Buddy
Glensound Mixers
Sennheiser A small selection of radio microphones and ancillaries are available (licence required)
Soundcraft GP1
Delta SR