7E Communications

S0DA duo

One into two will go!

S0DA duo7E Communications ISDN splitter S0DA duo provides the ideal solution for those situations where 64kbps simply isn't fast enough. Used in conjunction with a 128 kbps ISDN application, the S0DA duo splits the two B-channels on to separate interfaces for connection to a pair of 64 kbps Inmarsat GAN terminals.

As with all 7E products, simplicity and reliability are the keywords, and the S0DA duo is no exception.

Thanks to its "plug & play" connectivity the unit can be used in conjunction with most 128 kbps Euro ISDN devices. For devices supporting multiple ISDN interfaces, a number of S0DA duos can be used to reach the maximum data rate.

GAN powered version now available, or AC only, or both AC and GAN powering available as an option.

S0DA duo configuration

S0DA duo configuration - two 64 kbps Inmarsat GAN terminals provide enough bandwidth for one 128 kbps ISDN application - e.g. video phone.

Compatibility with all Inmarsat GAN terminals tested to date, together with the redundancy provided by two separate Inmarsat GAN terminals, makes use of the S0DA duo the perfect solution for speed & reliability.