7E Communications

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T point
See T-interface.
ISDN terminal adapter: provides interface conversion between the S0 bus and the serial communications interface on the subscriber data terminal equipment (DTE).
Bi-directional circuit to allow studio-remote conversations, instructions and information to be exchanged, between the remote location and the control room of the studio.
Colloquial term for a single head shot of a reporter.
Tape feed
Video or audio tape transmission.
Time division multiple access: refers to a form of multiple access where a single carrier is shared by many users so that signals from earth stations reaching the satellite consecutively are processed in time segments without overlapping.
Fixed earth station; typically has a large number of satellite antennas.
Transportable earth station: mobile microwave radio transmitter used in satellite communications, including SNG systems.
Point at which a signal will fail to be correctly demodulated: a digital receive system will fail abruptly with either a 'frozen' or black picture when the input signal fails to achieve threshold; an analogue system will suffer increasing degradation to the point of failure the further below threshold the signal level drops.
ISDN subscriber interface at the NT1.
One thousand kilograms.
Tracking, Telemetry and Control (or Command)
Management of in-orbit satellite primary systems from the ground; sometimes referred to as tracking, telemetry and command.
Electronic device consisting of oscillator, modulator and other circuits which produce an electromagnetic signal for radiation into the atmosphere by an antenna.
Combination receiver, frequency converter and transmitter package, physically on-board the satellite.
Transport stream
Multiplex of programme channels in a DVB system.
Travelling wave tube
TWT: powerful microwave amplifying vacuum tube used in a high-power amplifier, commonly employed in SNG systems as well as on satellites.
True North
Theoretical North Pole: geographical designation of North Pole at 90N latitude, 0 longitude.
See Tracking, telemetry and control (or command).
Act of downlinking a satellite signal, altering it and instantaneously uplinking it again; often used to provide a multi-hop path around the globe, or to change the signal from Ku-band to C-band.
System or installation provided complete and ready for operation by a manufacturer or supplier.
Television receive only: description of a small receive-only facility, using a small antenna; in SNG often used for off-air check or cueing purposes.
Engineering slang for adjustment to optimize performance.
Studio-remote interview in a news broadcasts.
Travelling wave tube.
Transmit; transmission.
Official process of obtaining technical approval for an earth station to be used with a particular satellite system.