7E Communications

Glossary Terms Beginning R

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Rain climatic zone
See precipitation zone.
Rain outage
Loss of signal due to absorption and increased sky-noise temperature caused by heavy rainfall.
Residual current device: a device that measures the difference in current flowing between the supply wires; if a difference exists then a fault is assumed and the supply is rapidly disconnected.
Rx: device which enables a particular satellite signal to be separated from all others being received by an earth station, and converts the received signal into video and audio.
Protection against failure of either a part or the whole of the system that would thus make the entire system inoperable. In an SNG uplink that is redundant, there are two transmitters and two modulators.
Sharpness of the picture.
The action of a satellite system operator to sustain defined service level in the event of satellite failure or anomaly.
Return audio; reverse audio
See Cleanfeed.
RF; RF bandwidth
Radio frequency: refers to radio transmissions or relating to that part of the electromagnetic spectrum used for radio transmissions.
RJ-11; RJ-45
Standard types of telephone line connector.
Common serial data interface.
Nineteen-inch rack-height unit; See U.
Receive; receiver.