7E Communications

Glossary Terms Beginning N

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National Aeronautical Space Administration (US).
Zone of non-ionizing radiation.
Journalistic and technical process of gathering news for broadcast.
Unwanted and unmodulated energy that is always present to some extent within any signal; interference or unwanted signals.
Noise figure
Figure of merit of a device, such as an LNA or receiver, expressed in dB, which compares the device with a perfect one.
Noise floor
Level of constant residual noise in a system.
Satellite capacity that is not dedicated for any particular purpose, e.g. telephony, Internet, DTH.
Non-ionizing radiation
Electromagnetic radiation encompassing the spectrum of ultraviolet radiation, light, infrared radiation and radio frequency radiation, with low energy, insufficient to permanently alter cell structures.
Network termination device - ISDN.
Point at which a second network termination device such as an ISDN switchboard is connected to the NT1 at the T-interface.
National Television Systems Committee: generic term for US analogue colour television system used in North America and Japan, based upon 60 fields per second and 525 lines.