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About 7E Communications

Years of experience in sat comms

7E Communications (or simply "7E") was founded in 1982. Since incorporation the company has concentrated on the provision of communication systems. Since 1988, 7E has specialised in the sales and rental of satellite communications equipment and the provision of airtime.

The Managing Director of 7E (Peter Beardow) has been involved with satellite communications since 1982 and many senior staff have held managerial posts within the news media.

A special project7E has a long tradition of supporting the media market around the world in the coverage of news and events using compact, cost-effective and timely solutions. Whether it is getting stills from a war zone back to the picture editor's desk, a radio outside broadcast in Scotland, or a television broadcast of a record-breaking attempt in the Himalayas, 7E has the knowledge and experience to deliver the complete package using satellite communications technology.

7E are experts in bespoke integrated communication solutions and can provide a complete end-to-end working solution tailored to meet your exact needs. This can range from a single satphone through to a multi-channel integrated voice, data and video conferencing application.

Satellite communications equipment

7E are distributors for satellite phones that operate on the Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya systems, offering both rental and sales of a wide range of products.

Satellite phone uploading images7E is an independent service provider and can offer advice on which products would form an optimum solution for your needs, as well as the most beneficial airtime rates. Because 7E offers a choice of Land Earth Station Operator (LESO), we can offer service resilience combined with competitive airtime rates. In recent years 7E has been the winner of Inmarsat's "Number 1 Airtime Provider In A Quarter" twice and was runner up "Service Provider of the year" in recognition of its ability to deliver value for money to its customers. The Company has also been the winner of the prestigious Wall Street Journal European Innovation Award and has been nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for Technology.

7E has been a System Definition Partner on all major Inmarsat systems including BGAN.

Because 7E is not tied to a single hardware manufacturer, we can provide the customer with the "best-fit" of hardware for their needs.

Not just Inmarsat

7E supply Inmarsat GAN (M4), Mini-m, M, B, C and F77 systems from Nera, Thrane & Thrane and EMS, as well as Thuraya and Iridium satphones, car-kits and data adapters.

Our customer after-sales service is second to none, and we have a well-earned and widely acknowledged reputation for providing extensive support 24/7 when the bullets are literally flying! 7E even supports customers with legacy Inmarsat B terminals bought five or more years ago.

7E Products

We know a lot about the satphone business - having been involved for nearly two decades - and we manufacture our own specialised products that are used by service providers such as Inmarsat.

S0DA duoOn the basis of listening to our customers over the years, we have developed innovative products such as the S0DA which adds ISDN to legacy B & A products and the S0DA Duo, which enables two 64 kbps Inmarsat satphones to be joined together to give you a high speed 128 kbps connection in minutes.


Our customer base is wide and blue-chip in nature, encompassing not only broadcasters and newspapers, but government departments, charities, and disaster relief agencies, as well as explorers reaching into the remotest parts of the world where keeping in touch is vital to the success of their mission. 7E is a fully accredited UK Government supplier as well as being an authorised supplier to the United Nations and many overseas governments.

Challenge us

We excel at the unexpected - customers have required at short-notice various extras such as generators, solar panels, and that one essential cable that got lost on the way!